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Our high quality fertilizers are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Concocted with premium ingredients and a proprietary formula devised by a very experienced research team, our fertilizers are suitable for use for all kinds of crops.

With such premium quality, our fertilizers have established a proven reputation of enhancing the quality, size, and yield of crops. Not only do they shorten the growth process, they also lengthen the crops’ lifespan at the same time.

As a result, growers get significantly more profit from their crops. Our fertilizers can be applied directly through the soil or foliarly.

They comes in different blends to serve specific plant needs:

Growth NPK 20:20:20 + TE + Amino Acid
Flowering NPK 15:30:8 + TE + Amino Acid
Fruiting NPK 15:3:35 + TE + Amino Acid
Starter NPK 35:7.5:7.5


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