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Pipes and Fittings

Pipes and Fittings


These pipes are produced and supplied by our factory located in Guangdong, PRC. Spanning manufacturing facilities spanning 23,000 square metres of land area and supported by the Chinese Academy of Science, we produce high quality, durable and environmentally friendlier Masterpipes® series pipes and fittings.

These pipes are frequently applied in several usages such as: drainage, sewage disposal, mine ventilation and water supply et cetera.

With our own manufacturing plant, MMI has a leading edge over other distributors in terms of efficiency, turnaround time and quality control when supplying our own piping products to customers.

Under the Masterpipes brand, we manufacture and supply the following pipes:

- Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (SRTP)

- Metal Reinforced Polyethylene Spirally Corrugated Pipe (MRP)

- Plastic-Steel-Plastic Pipe (PSP)

- Propropylene Random Pipe (PRP)

- MPPO Pipe and Fittings

- Electrofusion Fittings

Our innovative star product is Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Pipe as advertised at the latest ASIAWATER 2010 exhibition that was successfully held in KL, Malaysia:

More information on our pipes can be found online at


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