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Lush Green Tea Gardens of Ceylon

31 kilometers off the coast of Southern India lays a geographical alchemy of land, sun and rain so perfect, a balanced and ideal climate for tea cultivation is set. Used to be known as Ceylon and now Sri Lanka, this is where the fourth largest tea producer in the world lies, where our quality teas are expertly harvested and where you know your taste buds can’t help but dance a little with every sip.

Classic Harvest

All Kinds of Tea Originate from One Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis)

-          White Tea

-          Green Tea

-          Yellow Tea

-          Black Tea


Classic Blends

(Black Tea) + (Oil of Bergamot) = Earl Grey Tea

-          Earl Grey

-          English Breakfast

-          Jasmine Green

-          Green Tea Chai

-          Green Tea Lemon

-          Individual Blends

Herbal & Fruit Tisanes

Mint Tea

-          Sweet Apple Spice

-          Jerusalem Mint

-          Chamomile

-          White Tea Berry

-          Herbal Fruit

-          Rosehips

-          Lemongrass

-          Peppermint

Ice Teas

Lemon Tea

-          Strawberry

-          Peach

-          Lemon


Traditional Tea Bags

-          Traditional Tea Bag

-          Pyramid Tea Bag

-          Paper-sealed Pouch

-          Carton

-          Envelop Boxes

-          Tea Bag Box

-          Gift Wood Box

-          Plastic bottles

-          Aluminum Pouch

-          Laminated Aluminum Pouch


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